Cults need to use Lies, Deception and sophisticated recruiting techniques to recruit new members who would otherwise immediately back off and run! They do not tell people up front what the group really is and what is expected of them, or what the group actually believes in.

People being approached by the Cult recruiter are often totally unaware of how well they have been sized up. Recruiters will know that their targets are people with a range of unmet personal ambitions. “Are you trying to recruit me?” “No, I’m just trying to share something meaningful with you.”

A religious group, for example, may not even tell people that they have a religious agenda. They may use Front Groups like ‘Management Courses’ ‘Meditation Centres’ ‘World Peace Organisations’ ‘Personal Development Centres’ ‘Philosophy Courses’

Cult Recruiters may offer you something Free and make you feel obliged to give them something in return: “Well, we gave you that free dinner, the least you could do is come to our weekend intensive.”

Recruiters can tell you that time is running out and you must make your decision now or it will be too late: “This is your only chance to make it happen – Don’t blow it!” “It’s important to make this commitment RIGHT NOW!” “This is an issue of real urgency!”

Cults will often have a professional Public Relations front which presents a glowing image of their work for peace, self improvement and fulfillment, helping the poor.

Cults are like an Onion, with the most helpful and benevolent features on the outside and the most controlling, strange and evil parts at the inner core


Why are Cults Dangerous?

Destructive Cult membership can lead to many harmful effects including:

  • Mental Breakdowns (Cults will often use Mind Control to induce a Mental Breakdown disguised as a ‘Spiritual Awakening’)
  • Psychotic and Suicidal tendencies
  • Poor Judgement – Lose the ability to think logically and rationally and become easier to be controlled and manipulated
  • Separation from Family and Friends
  • Virtual Enslavement
  • Panic attacks
  • Paranoia
  • Hallucinations
  • Malnutrition

Find more information at:  http://www.cultavoidancesociety.org


What is Mind Control?

Mind Control (also known as Brainwashing and Coercive Persuasion)  is used by Cults against unsuspecting people.  It is a dishonest influence used covertly to recruit, indoctrinate and control Cult members.

Cults need to use Deception and Mind Control because if people knew the hidden facts beforehand they would not join the Cult. They will hide the real truth from you until you have been sufficiently ‘Softened Up’.
Find out more at:   http://www.cultavoidancesociety.org

There are many different types of Mind Control including:

Often disguised as meditation and relaxation

Love Bombing & Relationship Control
Excessive flattery and ‘friendship’ from existing Cult members trained to assist in recruitment. They will maximise your contact with Cult members, and minimize contact with family and friends. Gradually they will shape your behaviour by granting or withholding this love and attention.

Chanting & Singing
Long periods of time spent repeating mind narrowing phrases and chants to eliminate non Cult ideas and help to create a new Cult identity. Cults will often attempt to induce trance states and use self hypnosis to cause a Mental Breakdown disguised as a Spiritual Awakening.

By appearing friendly and interested in you, they will gently extract information about your weak spots, and then use this information to manipulate you.

Confusing Doctrine
Insist on total acceptance of a confusing and incomprehensible doctrine.
“Our Ideology answers all questions to all problems”  “Let our Doctrine think for you”

Peer Group Pressure
Eliminate all resistance and doubt to new Cult ideas by subtly exploiting the need to belong.

Reject Old Values
Encourage acceptance of Cult beliefs by continually criticising former beliefs and values.

Time Control
Keep recruits focused on the Cult by keeping them continually busy with study and Cult related activities, leaving little or no time for leisure or vacations.

Information Control
Discourage access to critical non-cult sources of information in books, TV, newspapers etc.  Distort information about the Cult to make it appear normal and acceptable.
Find out more at:   http://www.cultavoidancesociety.org

Numerous other forms of Mind Control  include combinations of:
  • Fear and Phobias of what will happen if you leave Cult (Accidents, Death, Loss of Friends)
  • Change of Diet to create disorientation
  • Guilt about your failings, family, past, thoughts, feelings
  • Financial Dependence on Cult after you have donated your assets
  • Problems – If there are problems the fault lies with you, not the Cult
  • Create extremes of emotional highs and lows
  • Intense unrelenting pressure to join Cult.  Phone Calls. Emails. Home and Office Visits.
  • Accusations
  • Isolation
  • Verbal Abuse
  • Thought Stopping Rituals
  • Excessive Breathing Exercises
  • Dress Code to remove individuality
  • Strict Rules and Regulations
  • Sleep Deprivation
  • Spied upon by other Cult members
  • No criticism of Cult tolerated
  • Hyped Up Group Meetings

Find out more at:   http://www.cultavoidancesociety.org


From the outside, Destructive Cults can seem wonderful and very appealing. They promise to help you fulfill your dreams and ambitions and offer you: ‘The Secrets to Self-Improvement’
‘Join our Mission to Save the World’
‘Gain Special Powers’ along with many others.

But dig beneath the surface and you will discover a sinister world of Lies and Deception where Mind Control and Psychological Coercion are skillfully and subtly used to recruit, indoctrinate and control Cult members.

Destructive Cults all share some of the following characteristics:
Cults use Mind Control to recruit and control members
Cults use Lies and Deception to recruit and will distort or omit information about their true purpose
Cults are Elitist Authoritarian Regimes with a Self Appointed Charismatic Leader accountable to no one
Cults have set up hundreds of Front Groups like ‘Management Courses’ ‘Meditation Centres’ ‘Bible Study Groups’ ‘World Peace Organisations’ ‘Personal Development Centres’ etc.
Cults are focused on Making Money (usually from their members) and Recruiting new members

As well as Religious Cults there are also Psychotherapy Cults, Commercial Cults and Political Cults and some Cults that have numerous front organisations are involved in all of these areas.




Cult Avoidance Society Launched

To Warn Of New Dangers Of Cults


Cult Avoidance Society launched in London, England in January 2011 to warn the global general public of the new dangers of Destructive Cults


PRLog (Press Release) – Jan 20, 2011 – (London U.K. January 20th 2011)
For more information, contact John Smith, Director,
Cult Avoidance Society, 27 Old Gloucester Street,  London WC1N 3AX   U.K.  john.smith@cultavoidancesociety.org             http://www.cultavoidancesociety.org  


Cult Avoidance Society launched in London, England in January 2011 to warn the global general public of the new dangers of Destructive Cults with the slogan 10 Things you NEED to know about Cults! and a new website that can be viewed in over 50 different languages.

The Cult Avoidance Society is an independent charity that aims to educate and warn the public of the dangers of Destructive Mind Control Cults, Controversial Groups and Movements.

According to Steven Hassan, America’s Leading Cult Counsellor “Cults are rapidly spreading around the globe like viruses – changing constantly, adapting easily to new cultures, destroying hundreds of thousands of lives each year, by radically altering people’s identities through mind control, brainwashing, hypnosis, and less subtle mind control techniques.”

“Cults today are bigger than ever, with broad ramifications for national and international terrorism.” says Cult Avoidance Society Director, John Smith.

The Cult Avoidance Society will also:

– Monitor abuses of human rights by Cults

– Lobby politicians, governments and others to act to prevent human rights abuses by Cults.

– Campaign for new legislation concerning the use of Mind Control.